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Denise vs Spice

This mouth-watering match up had us all hot and bothered and excited before these two strong beauties had even stepped on to the MWC mats!

Incredible Denise and super Spice are two powerful and skilful grapplers and we simply could not wait to pit them against one another to see who would come out on top in this hotly anticipated encounter.

Denise is known as the ‘Muscle Goddess’ but she immediately got an up close and personal experience with Spice’s strength when the latter grabbed her in a headlock and applied the pressure. Denise resisted but when body scissors were added to the attack, an opening submission was secured!

Spice had a deserved satisfied smile on her face but that was soon gone when it was her turn to feel the power of Denise’s arms when she was trapped in a headlock herself!

What also became apparent was the sheer stubbornness and determination of both fighters - whenever they were trapped, they did everything to avoid tapping!

it was an incredible battle that easily lived up to expectations as they put each other through the mill and showed off what power and ability each possesses.

There were grapevine pins, breast smothers, scissors, tests of strength which produced lots of agonised cries of pains, moans and groans and a few very reluctant submissions!

It was back and froth too with both Denise and Spice enjoying some success along the way which added to the intensity and excitement of the contest.

Clearly, neither of these tough warriors wanted to lose and they pushed themselves harder and harder in pursuit of a well earned and impressive victory.

It’s hard fought right to the very end and you can see that both Denise and Spice left everything they had on those mats as the brilliant fight comes to a close!

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