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Denise vs Madame Vanquish

For months now, the remorseless wrecking machine Madame Vanquish has been leaving trail of destruction in her wake as she worked her way through the MWC roster.

No matter which talented athlete stepped up, they found themselves humbled by the relentless and dominant dominatrix.

But step forward Muscle Worship Girl Denise! A powerful wrestler in her own right and someone who is simply not prepared to roll over for anyone without a fight!

And this was not lost on Madame Vanquish as she eyed up the beauty when they squared up to each other on the MWC mats!

She was wary and full of respect as she looked at the toned and terrific body of the latest challenger to take her on.

Sure enough, it became obvious that this was not going to be the walk in the park that the dominatrix has become mostly accustomed to as Denise gave as good as she got!

They were soon rolling around on the mats, trapping each other in vicious holds that would easily break lesser mortals but merely pushed each other to their limits.

We’ve never heard Madame Vanquish wince in pain like we did when Denise wrapped her incredibly powerful legs and arms around her during the fight and, likewise, we don’t think we’ll ever see anyone woman-handle Denise in the way she was by the dominatrix.

Denise has the advantage in terms of power while Madame Vanquish has the superior wrestling skills but the truth is they were matching each other in every way!

Sweat poured from their bodies and they both made their marks on one another and left everything on the mats in this truly epic battle of the amazing amazons!

But is it Madame who is mullered or is it Denise who is Vanquished at the end? Download this classic to find out!

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