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Denise vs Lexxxy

There is nothing like having two strong, curvy beauties locking up on wrestling mats pitting their wits against one another in a fabulous fight!

That is exactly what we got when the exquisite wrestlers Denise and Lexi met at Monica’s Wrestling Centre to show each other just what they’ve got.

Straight away, you could see they were itching to get down to business and they didn’t let us down from the very first second, grabbing hold of one another and attacking.

Soon Denise and Lexi were rolling back and forth on the mats trying to get an advantage and take the upper hand in the pulsating early stages of the match.

As well as their obvious power, they both have serious stamina and determination so we just knew that neither girl was going to simply submit at the first sign of trouble and instead would do all she could to battle her way out.

We saw, legs locked, head locks, body scissors, school girl pins, camel clutches and combination holds which would have broken lesser fighters but instead seemed to galvanise these two to fight even harder.

They both feel the pressure and the pain as the fight wears on but continue to show great resilience along the way, fighting out of moves with determination and desire.

Their efforts see them battle all over the place with almost every square inch of mats hosting the tough fighters!

Both Denise and Lexi are successful in earning submissions along the way but one of the badass babes manages to secure more than her rival to secure an impressive win in this incredible match.

The winner is clearly pleased with her efforts but you can tell by their sweaty hair and bodies that both of these warriors have given everything to produce a classic fight that’s a must-have for your collections!

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