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Denise vs Beth Bennett - Custom

Denise and Beth are both blonde, both beautiful and both known for their impressive strength. And yet, they are both so different!

This had the hallmarks of a classic as soon as they were paired up together and we were certainly not left disappointed by the outcome of this encounter.

Denise is the well-sculpted muscle goddess who is forging ahead with a very successful wrestling career while Beth is the curvy model who has left many of her opponents reeling with her talent and sheer power. Why would we not be excited by this clash?!

As they faced off in the MWC Mats of Doom Room you could see these two sexpots just wanted to get their hands on one another and fight.

However, delicious Denise spoke and wore the look of someone who was brimming with more confidence than her rival and she was the first to strut her stuff in combat and start introducing beautiful Beth to her repertoire of wrestling skills.

Body scissors, grapevines and breast smothers soon had Beth muscle worshipping her rival, who was more than keen to display that fabulous physique in all of it’s well sculpted glory.

And Denise certainly made sure her rival got to experience the delights of her fabulous body, leaving the model with no choice but to salivate over each and every muscle.

Beth also got to “enjoy” bear hugs which has her screaming and grimacing in pain as Denise tightened her grip on her.

Denise’s performance was all the more impressive given Beth’s power. Beth certainly paid homage to the magnificent muscle that was on show in front of her.

After 40 minutes of fabulous muscle magic, we see a bone crushing bear hug leave Beth struggling as Denise shows her dominance and talent. They don’t call her the Muscle Goddess for nothing!

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