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Denise destroys Zak - rematch

Now, we honestly don’t blame Zak. He is only human and a male so naturally he’d want to get close to someone as beautiful and red hot as Denise Wrestler.

But the thing is, the last time he did so he was completely destroyed by the muscle goddess who left him out after taking him apart on the MWC mats.

So to find Zak stepping into Monica’s Ring of Pain with revenge on his mind was pretty surprising, especially as he walked in with the glorious grappler doing her exercises to help her keep her amazing body in cracking shape!

Denise loves to put pathetic little wimps in their place and if “Zaky” was back for more then he was going to get a whole lot more of what this powerhouse was capable of delivering.

After mocking his biceps, she got to work and straight away he found himself flat on his back with Denise on top of him - dominating him with a grapevine pin to give him his first taste of pain in the match.

She urged Zak to show her what he had but did so with that delightfully naughty smile on her face which proved she knew full well that everything Zak had was not going to trouble her!

He was put through his paces as she executed schoolgirl pins, body scissors, head scissors, headlocks, chokes with her feet, cross body pins and combination holds that had him spluttering, moaning out in pain and of course submitting!

Any pretence that Zak might have been able to get even a hint of revenge went flying out the window within the first seconds but his punishment lasted a hell of a lot longer!

Denise finished him off in typically brutal style to leave him out again! We don’t think he’ll be rushing back to see her again so soon!

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