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Denise destroys Zak

Having seen our established band of losers getting beaten up by our girls, it’s not uncommon for a new guy to come strutting into Monica’s Wrestling Centre thinking he can do better.

And that is exactly what Zak is looking to do when he faces off against the muscle goddess Denise on the MWC mats!

Of course, beautiful Denise is not at all impressed or intimidated and sums it all up by enthusiastically greeting him as “a new wrestler for me to beat up!’

We’ll give Zak credit. He immediately tries to show off his power by engaging in a test of strength against her…and he immediately finds himself being lifted up and tossed to the ground by the amazon!

As he wriggles around and struggles trapped under Denise’s schoolgirl pin, he is made to endure her taunts (even the way she tells him he is cute seems quite menacing!).

But that’s nothing as she soon gets him trapped between her thunder thighs and even warns him of the ordeal she is about to put him through, explaining exactly what he’ll go through before attacking! He wisely taps out quickly!

Things don’t get any easier for Zak though as Denise is clearly in the mood to put him through the grinder.

There are more head scissors, head locks, face sitting, figure four head locks, cross body pins, body scissors and often combinations of these as she utilised all of her amazing muscles to make Zak pay for daring to challenge her!

Denise really puts on an exhibition on how to destroy a puny little man on the wrestling mats and she clearly has a lot of fun doing it.

The end comes mercifully for Zak as Denise crushes him to sleep before gleefully celebrating over his prone body with a well deserved victory pose!

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