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Denise destroys Chicken Boy Dave - Rematch

“I’m back and I’ve been doing lots of training!” Oh Chicken Boy, we must take a moment to pay tribute to you. All those blows to the head you take seem to make you (stupidly) braver each time!

There was the muscle goddess Denise, minding her own business and working out in Monica’s Ring Of Pain when our hero stepped through the ropes demanding a rematch following the last butt-kicking he had suffered at her hands!

Her arrived with confidence and determination, talking the talk and then setting about walking the walk…until about five seconds in when Denise caught him in a headlock and took him down to the mats!

Whatever plans he had in his mind were soon slapped out of them as the beautiful blonde set about teaching him yet another hard lesson he won’t forget in a hurry - well, until he bumps his head again at least!

Not content with just head locks, Denise wanted to work him over real good while also showing off her fine repertoire of moves and holds that have destroyed better fighters than the ‘macho man’ she had in front of her today.

Chicken Boy was subjected to schoolgirl pins, head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, choke holds and combination holds which had him tapping out in desperation.

Denise on the other hand was clearly having the time of her life and the sadistic grin on her face throughout the battle suggested she will never tire of beating little wimps up!

He screamed, he whined, he moaned and groaned. Chicken Boy suffered from start to finish while Denise barely broke sweat tearing him apart!

Mercifully for Chicken Boy, Denise did end his ordeal - but only in a typically brutal and painful way, sending our hero to sleep before victory posing over his broken, puny body!

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