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Cocky Larry vs Iza - Rematch

After he was totally owned and embarrassed by exquisite Iza in their first match, you’d think that Cocky Larry would have learned his lesson and just stayed away licking his wounds for some time.

But if you did think that, you’d have been very wrong! Because Cocky Larry is back again and seemingly confident he will be able to settle the score and beat his superior opponent in a rematch.

In fact, he proudly tells her as much as he walks onto Monica’s Wrestling Centre mats and declares how he will beat her while she is going through some warm-up exercises.

Of course our heroine isn’t phased and brushes off his bold prediction and gets straight up and ready to rumble!

And boy is she ready as she takes him down and gets to work so that we are immediately treated to that familiar sound of Cocky Larry moaning and groaning in pain as Iza cranks up the pressure.

He is made to suffer first with an arm bar and then a unique head lock until he can take no more and is left with no option but to tap out for the first of many times.

But Iza isn’t in the mood to let him off lightly and continues to take him apart, giving him no rest or chance to take a breather. What was he thinking taking her on again?!

She is in exceptional form and traps him in grapevine pins, arm bars, schoolgirl pins, guillotines, head locks, body scissors, choke holds and combinations which have him spluttering and shrieking in pain.

Cocky Larry is very much like a rabbit caught in the headlights from start to finish and by the end, it seems being hit by an 18-wheeler truck might have been less painful for him! Iza certainly enjoys celebrating over him at the end!

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