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Cheetah vs Zoe Page

These two beauties excited us all with their thrilling performances at the MWC September live show so we couldn’t wait to see them battle it out on our mats.

And it looked like we were set for a match to be fought in a great, sporting spirit as Cheetah and Zoe Page came together at the start for a customary handshake.

That was until one of the girls tried to get an underhand advantage from it! Sneaky but, let’s face it, something we all welcome - who wants to be nice all the time, right?!

And sure enough, it kick-started a spirited contest as both ladies battled hard on their feet before the action quickly crashed to the floor, the match heating up very quickly!

They were soon rolling around in feisty fashion exchanging head locks, body scissors, arm bars and pins as both Cheetah and Zoe Page fought to get on top and take advantage.

And they appeared to be evenly matched and evenly stubborn as neither would submit easily, showing they were prepared to take any pain to stop