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Cheetah vs Vox

We had a feeling this would be an exciting and fabulous clash between two beautiful Eastern Europeans and we weren’t wrong!

The fantastic Vox and the glorious Cheetah were more than up for the challenge when they squared off against one another on the famous MWC mats.

Given her size and experience advantage, Vox was clearly confident and was quick to taunt her rival, urging the MWC newcomer Cheetah to “come on” right at the start of the match.

But Vox discovered, as many others have, that Cheetah isn’t the sort of cat who wants to make up the numbers and she has claws as well as a feisty attitude that will serve her well on the mats for years to come!

Despite Vox’s strong start, Cheetah managed to resist and fight her way out of the predicaments she was put in and even demonstrated her own skills and strengths to a somewhat surprised Vox.

When Vox finally got the first submission with a headlock and scissors combination, she cheekily gave Cheetah a disrespectful slap on the ass which only stirred the wild cat into action. Vox was certainly made to suffer in Cheetah’s head lock!

These early minutes really set the rest of the match up as both brilliant babes battled fast and hard looking to impose themselves on each other in a pulsating fight.

These were scissors, arm bars, head locks, pins, smothers and the action was fast-paced and relentless pretty much right up until the last moment.

What made it even spicier were the taunts they exchanged alongside their sheer determination - almost as good as the superb wrestling skills that were on display!

By the end, there was a clear winner. But judging by the sweat and the clear tiredness both were displaying, Vox and Cheetah left everything on the mats in this fight!

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