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Cheetah vs Veronica Venom

We always know we are in for a juicy Shiny Pro Ring Girls match when the two fighters in question are clearly exuding confidence during the warm up prior to the contest.

And it’s safe to say both beauties Cheetah and Veronica Venom are up for this one and are certain of their own chances of coming out in top in this battle in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

Venom is strong and has way more experience but Cheetah is constantly improving and getting stronger and more skilled with each passing match.

However, what she doesn’t bank on is that Venom is not averse to deploying the dark arts and after enticing Cheetah in for a pre-fight handshake, Venom pulls hard to send her flying into the ropes - an act quickly followed up by a punch to the belly.