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Cheetah vs Skye

There was a lot of anticipation and excitement for this clash before these two gorgeous grapplers even set foot on the mats.

And Cheetah and Skye certainly met those expectations and looked eager to get their hands on one another as soon as they faced off.

Cheetah is one of the up and coming stars of MWC while Skye is building her reputation up at Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory and so they were keen to emerge as top cat in this clash.

After a spirited opening exchange it was Skye who struck first, trapping Cheetah in a crushing headlock that gave the young wild cat no choice but to submit to.

But Cheetah is a proud and determined fighter and she wasn’t going to let one setback stop her and she immediately came fighting back to level up with a headlock of her own!

This sparked one of the girls into action and it looked as if she would run away with it, gaining several quick submissions with a guillotine, face sit and another headlock.

These girls are made of sterner stuff though and her rival came fighting back strongly with body scissors and head scissors to show she was far from finished!

We saw more face sits, arm bars, head locks, cross body pins, guillotines, breast smothers, body scissors and combination moves that had them struggling and straining and reluctantly submitting!

There was certainly a hell of a lot of effort coming from both Cheetah and Skye - their resistance to tapping out at times was amazing - as they looked to get an impressive win under their belts.

By the end, however, one of the girls managed to start racking up the submissions, despite her opponent’s best efforts, and she emerged as the clear winner. And she certainly looked pleased with her work at the end! Awesome fight!

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