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Cheetah vs Shelby

Manchester is a hot bed for great gorgeous grappling girls with an array of talent plying their trade at Pippa L’Vinn’s Wrestling Factory.

And one of the very best of those is the legend that is Shelby Beach who has delighted pro and session wrestling fans for years, carving out a reputation for being one tough and skilled woman!

Cheetah has been making big cat strides sine bursting on the scene at Monica’s Wrestling Centre but this was always going to be one of her toughest tests to date.

As they faced off on the mats, the younger lady was tentative and cautious while Shelby seemed to sense the nervousness in her opponent and looked to attack right from the start.

And a crushing body scissor introduced Cheetah to her formidable foe’s power and left her with no option but to submit.

But Cheetah is one determined and scrappy hell cat. No matter who the opponent is, this girl is not the sort to roll over for anybody and she immediately struck back, shocking her rival with a breast smother to even the scores!

And this set an unexpected but very welcome pattern for the match. Shelby would flex her muscles and make Cheetah suffer but then Cheetah would fight back as hard as she could to get Shelby in trouble!

There were exciting moves from both including head scissors, ankle locks, bear hugs, body scissors, arm bars, camel clutches - all of which had both ladies suffering in pain at different times.

Eventually, experience did start to tell and Cheetah found herself trying to push back against the tidal wave that was Shelby’s attacks while fighting to go on the offensive herself.

In the end there was a clear winner but both of these beauties deserve credit for an exciting and competitive battle!

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