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Cheetah vs Sativa

With her endless enthusiasm and energy, Monica’s Wrestling Centre newcomer Cheetah has burst onto the scene and is certainly making quite an impression already.

But pitting her against the awesome Sativa was always going to be one hell of a challenge for her and her rookie status was never going to stop us here at MWC from throwing Cheetah in at the deep end!

She might be named after one of the big cat family but as soon as these two squared off on the mats, it felt as if Cheetah was the one who was being hunted by a hungry predator.

Sativa wasted little time going on the offensive and immediately started to demonstrate her power and skills, dominating Cheetah from the off and putting her in all sorts of sticky situations.

One thing we have learned about Cheetah is she is a battler and not the sort of person who gives in easily when she is on the receiving end and she demonstrated this often, using her flexibility, speed and sheer stubbornness to thwart many of Sativa’s relentless attacks.

Cheetah found herself trapped in grapevine pins, body scissors, head locks, arm bars, school girl pins and all sorts of other excruciatingly painful situations.

And it was only ever going to be a matter of time before sexy Sativa started collecting the submissions that her incredible dominance deserved.

Cheetah resisted and fought as hard as she could - impressively on many occasions - but there was no stopping Sativa’s hurricane once it was in full flow.

Sativa, of course, was having fun stalking her prey and wore a big smile on her face for the entire match as she patiently waited to strike.

The winner was never in doubt and Sativa certainly looked delighted with her well-earned victory in this clash between two gorgeous girls!

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