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Cheetah vs Rosie Gia

On paper, this contest between the brand new MWC babe Rosie Gia and the glorious Cheetah was a mouthwatering encounter - and we weren’t disappointed.

Since bursting on the scene, the sexy wild cat Cheetah has been getting better and better with each and every single match she takes part in.

But in ravishing Rosie Gia, she found a newbie who is willing to take on all comers and make her own name for herself on the Monica’s Wrestling Centre roster!

As is often the case, Cheetah was quick out the blocks and took the attack to Rosie, really putting the blonde through the wringer with some punishing moves. It’s fair to say she was on the offensive more throughout.

But Cheetah soon discovered that not only is Rosie a resilient and tough beauty who can handle an incredible amount of punishment without wilting, she has her own weapons that bring her own success over her rivals!

Cheetah kept on attacking and looking for inventive ways to bring her foe into submission but Rosie kept digging deep and fighting out of the holds.

We saw body scissors, head locks, school girl pins, head locks, figure four locks, head scissors and a lot of rolling around as the two fought all over the mats.

They didn’t waste much time either - whenever the parted after an attack, they were soon locked together again, such was the desire to fight and get an impressive victory under their belts.

The action was frantic and fast paced, which always makes for a more exciting contest, and it didn’t let up right until the end of the contest.

By the end there was a winner and she was certainly delighted with her day’s work. But both Cheetah and Rosie Gia deserve immense credit for this pulsating encounter!

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