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Cheetah vs Pippa

Cheetah is one of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s most exciting prospects and she has been coming on in leaps and bounds since she burst on to the scene.

But she will have faced no challenges as big as this one - taking on the legendary Pippa L’Vinn as part of the MWC tour of Manchester!

Pippa really needs no introduction and her name and reputation speak for themselves but one thing we have learned about the quick and agile Cheetah is she is a keen and determined little wild cat who isn’t afraid of a challenge.

Sure enough, when they meet on the mats, Cheetah doesn’t look daunted or fearful and instead is keen to get her hands on Pippa.

However, Pippa has seen it all before and despite an energetic and spirited start, Cheetah is given a painful demonstration of the skills and inventiveness of her more experienced opponent and has to reluctantly submit.

Lesser girls would have crumbled at that point but Cheetah is no lesser girl! She immediately went on the offensive and soon levelled things up with an expertly executed schoolgirl pin! Game on!

If Pippa had assumed her new rival would be easy pickings, she was made to think again - not least when Cheetah got her again, this time in a grapevine pin!

Pippa upped her game to bring parity once again but this added further fuel to the exciting encounter as they battled hard all over the mats looking for the advantage.

There were a host of further tap outs as this pulsating encounter between the seasoned professional and the promising upstart heated up towards the big finale!

By the conclusion there was a winner but it was also clear that there was a lot of mutual respect between both Cheetah and Pippa as they recovered from a brilliant fight! This is a must have!

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