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Cheetah vs Penny Banks

Now, this match up was very interesting indeed! Penny Banks is normally at home getting all messy in a gunge tank or a pool of goo!

But we decided to take the curvy beauty well out of her comfort zone and into the Mats of Doom Room with no substance - not even oil - for a straight up wrestling session.

She was facing off against one of MWC’s rising stars Cheetah, who is gaining confidence by the second and seemingly desperate for new challenges every time!

But Penny is no slouch though when it comes to grappling and she wasn’t just here to make up the numbers - Cheetah was in for a fight, no doubt about that!

They were soon rolling around in the tight space, trying to get the advantage over one another and show just who was boss out the two of them.

But it was the wildcat Cheetah who started the stronger and certainly asserted her authority over her bigger rival after some serious struggling.

Head locks, body scissors, schoolgirl pins, arm locks, head scissors and even breast smothers were coming thick and fast as both Penny and Cheetah fought hard.

And with them came a lot of cries out in pain, moaning and groaning, as the suffering increased the longer the match went on. Not that it was all rough, they certainly seemed to enjoy getting up close and personal with one another!

However, despite her best efforts, Penny struggled to stop the attacks from Cheetah, who lived up to her name as a predator stalking and then quickly catching her poor prey!

Maybe one day a rematch in oil or mud or goo is called for. But for now, there was no doubting which girl was on top…and she certainly enjoyed it with her victory celebration at the end!

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