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Cheetah vs Jessie

Despite being fairly new to the scene herself, Cheetah has an air of confidence and a swagger that has come from some incredible performances from the beauty on the MWC mats.

And she certainly looks ready to rock and roll and feast on some fresh meat in the form of lovely newbie Jessie, when they face off in the Mats of Doom Room.

Cheetah wears a big smile on her face and is practically licking her lips as the two women face off just before getting the action well underway.

And we are soon shown just why Cheetah was feeling very good about herself as she launched into an immediate attack and trapped her smaller rival under her considerable assets.

But we are delighted to see that Jessie is no shrinking violet though and she isn’t going to be the sort of girl who gives up without a fight herself!

They are soon battling amongst the confined space of the room trying to get on top of each other and secure the upper hand.

We see plenty of skilled moves and tactics in operation throughout including pins, head locks, head scissors, body scissors, breast smothers and even slams to the mat to get out of rather tight spots!

Submissions do eventually start to flow with one girl gaining the advantage over the other but the fight in both Cheetah and Jessie remains from start to finish.

It’s a great battle between two gorgeous girls and the confined space of the Mats of Doom Room only add to the excitement of the clash.

By the end though, there is a very clear winner who certainly enjoys exerting her dominance to earn the last submission of the match and the ultimate victory. A fabulous, exciting encounter!

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