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Cheetah vs Ivy Rain

How about this for a real mouth-watering clash between two of the newest stunning talents on Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s roster?!

As soon as the beauties Cheetah and Ivy Rain squared up on the mats, we knew this was going to be a fantastic clash and we were certainly not disappointed.

Looking outstanding in their black outfits, they couldn’t wait to get their hands on each other and get at it - which is exactly what they did!

And it was Cheetah who struck first after she managed to overpower Ivy Rain and force her down to the mats where she pinned her before smothering her with her ample breasts to force the submission.

If Ivy Rain was perturbed by that, it wasn’t clear as she dusted herself down and smiled at her rival as they faced off ready to go at it again!

But she found Cheetah was as hungry for more submissions in her favour as a big cat is for her next big meal and she pounced on Ivy and kept on the pressure, forcing her the English Rose to go back on the defensive.

Another submission went in Cheetah’s favour but just when it seemed she was going to be totally overwhelmed, Ivy demonstrated the incredible power she has between those legs and made Cheetah shriek in pain!

They battled hard using an array of moves including head locks, breast smothers, head and body scissors, bear hugs and an array of pins throughout the tussle.

And they both showed incredible determination when caught in eye-wateringly painful moves by refusing to give in easily to the other!

By the end of the contest, there is one clear winner however and she certainly enjoys the victory. The defeated girl shows her immense class too by raising her rival’s arm up to signal the win!

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