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Cheetah vs Galya - Oil Custom

Fight fans are always excited by the anticipation of watching beauties Cheetah and Galya do battle at Monica’s Wrestling Centre either against each other or with other beauties.

So, we can only assume they will be salivating at the prospect of seeing the two talents greased up and rolling around Monica’s Ring of Pain in this oil match!

It’s pretty obvious the two ladies are looking forward to this one too as they take time and great care in making sure their lush bodies are fully covered in oil in preparation for this super sexy match-up!

And sure enough, they are soon slipping and sliding around as they try to get to grips with each other once the main event gets underway.

These young fighters have been developing their wrestling skills for some time now and have got impressive skills but the addition of the oil makes things harder and means they’ll have to raise their game if they are to secure an impressive victory.

And what a fabulous job both Galya and Cheetah do as they apply a range of impressive holds on one another despite being hampered by the slippy stuff.

We see body scissors, bear hugs, grapevine pins, leg locks, school girl pins, breast smothers and combination holds which seem to have the desired effect.

Of course, the thing that being oiled up does is make it a bit easier to slide out of the said holds but that only adds to the thrilling contest as Cheetah and Galya up their game as they go all out in search of a victory.

It’s a back and forth contest with some fabulous, sensual action, not to mention even more oil as they battle wears on!

Both Cheetah and Galya went all out for the all important victory right to the very end. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

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