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Cheetah vs Eva Ray

Let’s face it - there can’t be many out there who wouldn’t want to see a fast-paced, highly energetic match between two gorgeous up-and-coming grapplers.

Because, for all of those that do, we put together a fabulous treat by pairing Cheetah and Eva Ray together to face off on the MWC mats!

They are both hot as hell, keen and exciting wrestlers who are getting better and better with each passing contest they appear in so we couldn’t wait to see what would happen when they battled one another.

And what we got was fantastic fireworks. They wasted little time in getting to grips with one another and they were very quickly rolling around on the mats trying to get the better of the action and inflict pain to each.

The opening minutes were exceptional with both Eva Ray and Cheetah exchanging serious moves and showing great determination to resist when they found themselves in trouble.

Cheetah had a bit of a size advantage but this didn’t seem to faze Eva Ray in the slightest and she certainly wasn’t overawed.

But one girl did start to dominate and the tap outs slowly and very reluctantly started to come with an array of moves such as head locks, guillotines, breast smothers, body scissors and pins.

That said though, it wasn’t all one way traffic. The victim fought back hard and enjoyed plenty of success herself as the match wore on and there was no question that both were made to suffer throughout the contest.

They were breathing heavy and covered in sweat as the pair of them gave it their all in a truly wonderful match-up.

But was it Cheetah or Eva Ray who took home the spoils of victory? You have to buy this scorching hot clip to find out!

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