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Cheetah vs Beth Bennett

These two beauties were full of smiles as they faced off for a Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter in Monica’s Ring of Pain.

But don’t be fooled! As sweet and gorgeous as Cheetah and Beth looked, they had only one thing in mind and that was to unleash pain and defeat their rival.

They share many attributes - blonde hair, pretty faces, curves in the right places - and one obvious one is their wrestling ability and strength which is immediately on display as they get to grips with one another.

It's a fast paced encounter as both Cheetah and Beth apply and battle out of each other’s moves in a frenetic fight which sees them rolling around every inch of the ring.

These moves include bear hugs, head locks, schoolgirl pins, cross body pins, arm bars and locks, breast smothers, scissors and combination holds which certainly make their mark judging by the shrieks of pain both ladies let out throughout!

And it’s not all legitimate wrestling moves either! We see a significant amount of punches, stomps and hairpulling complete with some taunting. One of the girls is even subjected to a stink face as she is sat helplessly against a corner turnbuckle!

Both Beth and Cheetah have their time on top as they battle long and hard with a determination and non-stop energy which leaves us watching breathless - god only knows how they were feeling as it wore on!

It is an exciting evenly matched contest which would make even the most committed gambler reticent about putting his or her money on picking one girl to win.

There is a winner when one wrestler brutally makes her foe reluctantly tap out when she finally can’t take anymore pain. The winner certainly enjoys her victory over the loser’s body laying flat out beneath her!

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