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Cheetah humiliates vs Chicken Boy Dave

Now this is a first for Monica’s Wrestling Centre. We’ve finally found an opponent for little Chicken Boy Dave who isn’t taller than him! Up until this point, we’d seen bigger pixies than him!

But now he was the little big boy on the mats and he was clearly confident as he squared up to the diminutive beauty that is new MWC girl Cheetah. We could see it in his eyes and then heard it as he started the chat as he locked up with the little wild cat!

Not for the first time, though (and certainly not the last!), he was hopelessly wrong as he she lived up to her name with her incredible speed, agility, power and her desire to devour her prey.

Chicken Boy discovered just how strong she is when she locked him between her powerful thighs and got him in a headlock, leaving him floundering in pain and struggling for breath.

Within a couple of minutes, she was already playing with him and teasing like a cat would do with a doomed mouse and the smile on Cheetah’s face was as wide as the River Thames.

Her destruction of Chicken Boy continued at devastating pace as she hit him with all kinds of moves to really make him suffer. She might be new but she’s learned her craft, for sure He was forced to endure, arm bars, head scissors, face sits, schoolgirl pins, head locks and body scissors - all of which made him squeal and tap out in agony.

Chicken Boy even suffered the indignity of having his pants pulled down and his skinny little butt spanked by the unforgiving Cheetah who, in turn was having the time of her life!

It was a brutal display by Cheetah and a vicious end for Chicken Boy! This cat may be small but she sure has some claws!

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