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Cheetah Humiliates Chicken Boy Dave - rematch

Oh, Chicken Boy Dave. What can we do with you, apart from watch you get your little butt kicked by the wonderful wrestling beauties of MWC that is?!

Cheetah is working out in the Ring of Pain, minding her own business when our little hero decides to climb through the ropes clearly determined to make amends for the battering he suffered at the hands of the wildcat when they previously met on the mats.

But the beauty isn’t phased by his unexpected arrival and in fact looks up for handing out some more well-deserved punishment. So the rematch is well and truly on!

It isn’t long before Chicken Boy is put in a spin by Cheetah’s speed before being trapped between her powerful legs, leaving him squirming and moaning before tapping out in pain.

That’s just a taste of things to come for him though as Cheetah continues her relentless attack determined to make him suffer for his unwanted interruption.

She really puts him through the grinder and displays an array of fantastic moves which demonstrate how quickly this new girl is learning and how strong, skilful and talented she really is.

Cheetah traps Chicken Boy in schoolgirl pins, guillotines, head scissors, body scissors, arm bars, face sits and sometimes a combination of moves.

All of this leaves Dave suffering in agony and he is really unable to do anything about it as Cheetah dominates him with an unquenchable thirst for inflicting pain.

Chicken Boy’s initial cockiness and confidence is quickly lost and his best tactic is to try to minimise the damage he is going to suffer by the end of his ordeal.

The constantly smiling Cheetah has fun right to the end when she puts Chicken Boy to sleep in the most emphatic way. She certainly enjoys her easy victory over the battered little soldier!

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