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Cheetah gets Vanquished!

The incredible Madame Vanquish’s credentials speak for themselves. A formidable pro wrestler and former cage fighter who is as imposing as she looks!

But that didn’t stop MWC new girl Cheetah from stepping up to the challenge, wanting to pit her wits against the dominatrix in an intriguing clash between a session wrestler and a pro wrestler!

The difference in size between the two was obvious but the smiley and very willing Cheetah was clearly hoping to use her speed and wiry skills to shock the bigger and more experienced Madam Vanquish.

And for a brief moment at the start, it looked like things could work out for the wildcat as she quickly moved around the dominatrix and looked for opening to shock her.

But Madam Vanquish is no fool! Dressed like a pro-wrestling assassin, she soon showed the whipper snapper exactly what she is all about when she took her down to the mats and started demonstrating those incredible pro-wresting skills she possesses.

Arm bars, pins, head locks, ankle locks and scissors had Cheetah moaning and groaning in pain while Madame Vanquish barely broke into sweat as she twisted her rival up like a pretzel.

The tap outs were inevitable. Cheetah remained feisty, determined and fought as hard as she could but she was taking on a powerful woman who was effortlessly putting her in her place whenever she wanted.

At times, the dominatrix would even encourage Cheetah to attack her first and demonstrate her own attacking moves. But that was merely delaying the inevitable because when Madame Vanquish went on the attack, there was only going to be one outcome.

It is no surprise to Madame Vanquish that she is standing tall at the end while Cheetah is beaten and broken on the mats, having had her claws well and truly clipped!

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