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Cheetah destroys Zakk

Gorgeous wildcat Cheetah is fairly new to the scene but there is no doubt that she looks like she belongs on the MWC mats whenever she sets foot on them.

And as she faces off against her equal sized opponent Zakk for this fight, she wears the look and smile of a lady who knows that this is her kingdom!

Zakk doesn’t seem overawed after they shake hands and as soon as the fight begins, he charges at her and tries to be the one taking advantage from the off.

But Cheetah is more than ready for him and uses her speed and agility to easily side step him before then cranking up her deceptive power to send him down to the mats and getting on top of him.

You can hear her cackling as he struggles underneath her and she only lets him up off the bottom to enable her to roll him over and trap him between her powerful legs for a crushing body scissor.

Naturally Zakk cannot handle this and has no option but to tap out - much to the delight of his beautiful opponent.

With her confidence sky high, Cheetah sets about taking him apart and collecting submissions like they are going out of fashion, while he screams, cries and moans in sheer pain.

Cheetah taunts him and mocks him and laughs in his face but, don’t be fooled. This is also serious business for her and in between the joy, we get to see what she’s all about.

She punishes him with head scissors, bear hugs, breast smothers, grapevine pins, figure four head locks, arm bars and all sorts of painful looking moves.

Zakk is well and truly battered while ruthless Cheetah enjoys a well earned, dominant victory over his prone body!

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