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Cheetah Destroys Skinny Andrew - rematch

Oh dear, Skinny Andrew! We all know what you thought. Rookie Cheetah only beat you because of “beginner’s luck” last time out, right?!

Wrong! Despite the beating he took on the mats, Skinny Andrew clearly fancied his chances against the beautiful Bulgarian babe and this time, he met her in Monica’s Ring of Pain!

Sadly for him, he found the enthusiastic hottie was still chomping at the bit to carry on kicking his skinny butt and nothing was going to stop her from doing so!

The fight started and then we blinked, which was long enough for us to miss Cheetah taking Skinny Andrew down, pinning him to the canvas to begin her beat down!

She was looking fabulous in her luminous green outfit and every man would enjoy looking at her…every man, but Skinny Andrew that is who could only wince and moan in pain as she took him apart.

He so badly wanted to do better than their first match but he just couldn’t handle this wildcat as she bared her teeth and made him suffer and submit through an array of moves.

These included cross body pins, school girl pins, scissors, head locks, arm bars, body scissors, figure four locks and head scissors.

Cheetah was inventive, unique and she did it all with a big beaming smile on her beautiful face! Skinny Andrew just cried out in pain and struggled to catch his breath!

She continued to attack right until the end and poor Skinny Andrew simply had no answer to her onslaught and found himself suffering increasingly as she worked him over.

There was only ever going to be one outcome at the end of this one and it saw Cheetah, once again, flashing that gorgeous beaming smile while Skinny Andrew was laid out! She deserved her celebration!

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