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Cheetah Destroys Russ-Rematch

You’d have thought that after getting completely mauled by Cheetah last time out that Russ would want to stay out of her clutches for a long time.

But no. Here he was, bravely back to get his revenge on the gorgeous, smiley fighter. He confronted her as she worked out in the MWC Ring of Pain and had a look of real intent in his eyes.

Cheetah of course didn’t need much in the way of an invitation to dish out more punishment so she was never going to back away from this rematch!

Russ was eager and went right after her, trying to get an early advantage. But Cheetah is just way too quick and smart for him and she was immediately reintroducing him to the power of her thunder thighs in a repeat of their first encounter.

Her smile was wide and laughs loud while he was already filling their air with his grunting, groaning and moaning in pain as she turned the screw and really made him suffer.

He certainly got to feel the power of her legs again but she also showed him how strong her arms are with head locks and even choke holds that had him gasping.

At one point, Russ did manage to make her wince in pain but that merely stirs the angry big cat in her and she immediately puts him back in his place - laying down on the mats beneath her.

You might say it was a carbon copy of their first encounter but it could be argued that Cheetah inflicts far more pain on him this time than she did previously!

It comes as no surprise to any of us when Russ is left battered and broken, slumped against one of the turnbuckles - before Cheetah puts the exclamation mark on her victory with an ass-tastic move!

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