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Cheetah Destroys Russ

Never trust the smile of a killer cat! Gorgeous Cheetah is practically beaming as she faces off against her Russ on the MWC mats and it’s the smile of a beautiful woman.

But behind that lies an assassin and her victim should have realised from the extra-long handshake that Cheetah gave him before the match that she had evil intent hiding behind her sweet facade.

And it didn’t take him long to discover exactly what she had in mind! Despite Russ being bigger than her, Cheetah used her speed, skill and not inconsiderable strength to put him in a world of trouble.

First, he felt the power of her thighs in a standing head scissor before the action was taken down to the mats where she continued with the crushing of his skull.

Naturally, he tapped and Cheetah was delighted. But like the big cat she is named after, she was keen to devour her prey and he discovered she has plenty of moves to unleash on him to demonstrate this.

Russ was left trapped and helpless under school girl pins, face sits, figure four head locks, grapevine pins, arm bars and locks, more scissors while he was even tortured by Cheetah’s feet!

Judging by his moaning and whimpering, he was really being made to suffer and in a whole world of pain as she took him apart.

Cheetah, on the other hand, was enjoying herself! Despite being a relative newcomer, she was destroying him like a seasoned pro - make no mistake she clearly loves beating up boys and she knows how to do it well!

The end mercifully arrived for Russ although he probably wasn’t feeling much mercy coming his way as he lay flat out in pain with Cheetah posing over him and celebrating her easy win!

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