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Chaos vs London

You want mouthwatering Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ matches? Then we will give you mouthwatering Shiny Pro Ring Girls’ matches such as this corker!

As soon as we put Chaos and London up against one another in Monica’s Ring of Pain, we knew this fight would deliver on all levels and boy did they live up to expectations!

They wore big smiles on their faces as they squared up but those smiles were showing off their confidence and it was abundantly clear that both of these two beauties fancied their chances of gaining an impressive victory.

They immediately locked up in a test of strength which soon sees them on the canvas trading attacking moves as each tries to get an early advantage, only to find the other resisting and turning the tables. They are clearly well matched as their attempted pins and scissors are resisted.

Just when you think Chaos has London where she wants her, the blonde fights out and turns the tables on the brunette!

There are camel clutches, bear hugs, body scissors, head locks, schoolgirl pins, surfboards and even a cheeky little stink face which leaves the recipient gagging!

They continue to trade jibes at one another throughout the match too, showing they are as talented at delivering the verbals as they are at delivering the physicals!

The action is fast paced and frenetic as London and Chaos give it all they have in search of an impressive victory. Even gamblers would think twice about putting money on the outcome of this fight as it progresses.

Both Chaos and London’s tolerance to pain is impressive and when the winning move finally arrives, it isn’t given easily and it takes some effort for the victorious girl to earn the submission.

And the winner certainly celebrates her hard earned victory in some style!

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