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Black Diamond vs Yui

When you’re as big and dominant as beautiful Black Diamond, you can be forgiven for being full of so much confidence you bust out dance moves instead of partaking in a serious warm up before a big bout.

But she would be wise to sharpen up as her rival in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter is none other than the feisty and powerful and gorgeous Yui.

As soon as they square off in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain, you can see that Yui isn’t phased by her taller opponent’s height advantage or reputation and makes it clear she is here to fight.

But Black Diamond has been here many times before and she is always ready to scrap if need be and this is clear right from the start as soon as they lock up.

Both of these warriors gets to display their power in the opening exchanges with both Yui and Black Diamond enjoying early advantages which have an impact on the other.

And it also becomes clear that this is going to be vicious as the more traditional wrestling moves both possess are ditched in favour of kicks and punches when each finds herself trapped in a corner turnbuckle.

The calmness of the venue is punctured by moans and groans of agony as well as plenty of trash talking as both of these fight hard desperate to earn a fabulous victory.

There are body scissors, camel clutches, head locks, choke holds, arm bars and combination holds which leaves each reeling at certain points of this pulsating match up.

Both Black Diamond and Yui know how to get brutal and they push each other to the limit from start to finish.

The ending is brutal and the winner so delighted she almost forgot to pose over her victim’s helpless body at the end!

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