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Black Diamond vs Cristal Lite

Beautiful Cristal Lite always shines bright and is a delightful presence in Monica’s Wrestling Centre whenever she sets foot in it.

But her positivity is about to put to the test when she finds the irresistible Black Diamond standing in the opposite corner of the Ring of Pain as they prepare for a Shiny Pro Ring Girls match.

When Black Diamond demands to know what Cristal is doing in her arena, Cristal confidently demands she be addressed as ‘Madam’ and that fuels the fire in the bigger wrestler who immediately sets out to teach her rival a lesson!

Black Diamond introduces her to some hard knees to the belly and crushing choke holds, throwing her around like there is no tomorrow.

But never mistake Cristal Lite’s pleasant character as a weakness. She never steps up in a fight just to make up the numbers and Black Diamond soon discovers this as the blonde fights back in some style!

However, you must always be wary of spurring a wrestling machine like Black Diamond into action and she was never going to sit back and take any punishment from Cristal Lite.

She launches furious attacks on Cristal which include body slamming her, scissors, camel clutches, grapevine pins, kicks to the belly, punches and combination holds which most certainly hit the spot for her.

Cristal, to her immense credit, continues to fight back though and is desperate not to just succumb without effort and Black Diamond is given timely reminders she is in one heck of a match.

But Black Diamond has the bit between her teeth and she seems determined to teach the smaller woman a lesson she won’t forget!

The ending is as brutal as you’d expect and the winner enjoys sarcastically tending to her victim before celebrating over her prone body.

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