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Bitch Cassidy vs Veronica Venom

ll the Shiny Pro Ring Girls are known for their power and super skills but if anyone displays those attributes to their fullest, it’s the vivacious Veronica Venom.

An intimidating opponent in all sorts of fighting styles and disciplines, she was right at home in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain and it’s obvious it will take one hell of a brave and strong fighter to stop her!

Luckily, Bitch Cassidy not only has the talent but oozes confidence and glorious arrogance which meant that rather than being fearful, she was prepared to throw herself into this challenge and bring Veronica Venom down.

Initially, throwing herself into the contest got her in early trouble as Venom read her charge and started demonstrating just why she is such a highly rated and feared rival.

But before Venom got any ideas that this would be an easy walk in the park, Cassidy turned the tables and showed her more experienced foe that she was in a real fight!

From this moment on, it was gloves off and no holds barred as both of these beauties decided to fight brutally in their desperate pursuit of a highly impressive victory.

We saw arm bars, body scissors, chokes, pins, head locks, hip tosses alongside hair pulling, punches and kicks to the gut and even slaps to the backside!

And they berated each other verbally right from the start. They might look and even sound like sweet girls but they are relentless and as remorseless with the taunts as they are with the physical attacks!

There was some excellent back and forth action in what was a fast paced, exciting and hugely entertaining encounter.

One of the ladies eventually took control and therefore victory and boy did she enjoy rubbing it in. A rematch seems certain given the bad feeling

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