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Bitch Cassidy vs Supernova

One thing that can never be doubted about Bitch Cassidy is her supreme confidence in her ability and it is most certainly on show again here ahead of her latest Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

And she is going to need all of her boldness as the opponent standing in the opposite corner of Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring Of Pain is the formidable Supernova who, unlike her rival, is all business right from the start.

After trading some trash talking, Bitch Cassidy tells her bigger foe that she has the ability to kick her ass and leaps into action, trying to take her down with a headlock.

But Supernova is far from impressed and after dismissing Bitch Cassidy as ‘cute’ and ‘dressed for Halloween’, she gets to work and effortlessly shrugs her opponent off before beginning to bring her the pain!

And if her screams are anything to go by, Bitch Cassidy most certainly feels the pain at times throughout this encounter!

There are plenty of times where Supernova seems to use her as a rag doll as she throws her around the squared circle and works her over with some seriously brutal punishment.

But the confidence we said Bitch Cassidy possesses isn’t misplaced! To her immense credit she fought back and dished out some pain of her own to a stunned Supernova!

If anyone was in any doubt, they were reminded we had a match on our hands and both wrestlers showed their class and talent in working each other over.

In the end we had a back and forth encounter with both Bitch Cassidy and Supernova having their moments on top and looking to secure impressive victories.

When the victory comes for one of them, she is extremely delighted while the devastated loser is left writhing in agony on the canvas!

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