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Bitch Cassidy vs Ruby Lix

Whenever Bitch Cassidy takes part in a Shiny Pro Ring Girls match, she is full to the brim with confidence and always looking like someone who believes she can’t ever be beaten.

And her confidence and cockiness was off the scale when she looked across Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain to see who her latest opponent would be - the much smaller but big hearted wrestler that is Ruby Lix.

Poor Ruby is immediately on the Blackfoot as Bitch Cassidy greets her in the centre demanding to know “is this some kind of joke” before grabbing her by the throat and shoving her down to the canvas.

Bitch Cassidy is in full on bully mode as she physically and verbally torments Ruby around the ring with the clear aim of making her suffer.

“You’re quite a weedy little thing, aren’t you?” The insults are cutting but the actual physical attacks are worse as Bitch Cassidy kicks and knees her opponent whilst showing her absolutely no respect as a competitor.

As well as figure four head locks, scissors and slams, Bitch Cassidy spanks Ruby and throws her around with disdain and subjects her to bear hugs and stink faces.

Ruby continues to battle and try to get her own attacks in but she finds her bigger rival is simply not in a giving mood and only seems to want to take, take, take and dominate the poor brunette.

And the insults continue to be added to the injuries as Bitch Cassidy continues to taunt, trash talk and torment Ruby, who is trapped and can do absolutely nothing about the onslaught she is caught facing.

It's a vicious beat down from start to finish and the brutal end cannot come quickly enough for poor Ruby while Bitch Cassidy, on the other hand, enjoys her success!

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