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Bitch Cassidy vs Luna K

We love putting two confident and cocky beauties in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain and watch them beat lumps out of one another!

And that’s exactly what we were treated to when we pitted gorgeous Bitch Cassidy against luscious Luna K in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle.

Right from the start, Bitch Cassidy, resplendent in his knee high boots, had fire in her eyes and she seemed determined to put Luna in her place, even slapping away the latter’s lovely compliments before the fighting got under way!

And it was Bitch Cassidy who made the early running and filled the arena with Luna’s desperate wails of pain as she went on the attack.

Luna is a skilled wrestler though and she also isn’t afraid to brawl when the occasion needs it, forcing her rival into the corner and then stomping her all the way to hell in response!

We had the perfect start and things were only going to get more dirty and more brutal between these two feisty competitors as this match wore on.

We saw head locks, ankle locks, punches, faces being rammed into turnbuckles, forearms to the back, kicks and stomping, hairpulling, arm bars and combination holds - these two certainly know how to take it to the extreme with some inventive holds utilised along the way.

Every time it looked like one of Luna or Bitch Cassidy was in control, the other would battle back and get the initiative herself resulting in some exciting and rough action!

The verbals never relented either as both knew how to add insults to injury and deliver some vicious trash talking along the way.

Predicting a winner out of these two was an impossible task until the end when one delighted victor emerged. We don’t think this rivalry is over by a long shot!

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