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Bitch Cassidy vs Eva

This Shiny Pro Ring Girls match-up between Bitch Cassidy and Eva was a mouth-watering prospect as soon as we thought it up and we most certainly were not disappointed.

Two beauties who are no strangers to Monica’s Wrestling Centre with contrasting characters and bags of skill and talent and - best of all - a real desire to fight one another.

As soon as Bitch Cassidy darted out from her corner to take down Eva in the opening seconds, you knew this was going to be a cracker and the two were soon battling all over the Ring of Pain as they looked to score a big and notable victory.

It wasn’t just the fighting that spiced things up either as they exchanged barbed comment after barbed comment throughout the match.

And while the wrestling was top quality, neither girl was afraid to go dirty and use the dark arts to get an advantage either!

For a while it was back and forth as first Bitch Cassidy and then Eva got on top and were in the driving seat before being derailed by their plucky opponent.

But when it seemed like one of these warriors was taking control and starting to dominate, the other roared back into action and turned the tables to exert her own power.

We had head locks, scissor holds, knees to the back and belly, stomps, hairpulling, inventive use of the ropes, a variety of pins, combination holds and, did we mention the nasty trash talking?!

This became an epic war and we were on the edge of our seats unwilling to even make a friendly prediction about which one of these gorgeous talents would emerge victorious.

Both Bitch Cassidy and Eva fought hard and ending was mired in controversy and a lot of shouting - we think a rematch is on the cards one day!

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