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Bitch Cassidy vs Cheetah

The confident and alluring Bitch Cassidy was clearly in the mood to fight and dominate when she stepped into Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain for this mouth-watering Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle.

She was oozing arrogance as she cockily removed her cow girl hat and tossed it out of the ring during the warm up before showing off her muscles to her rival.

And her rival happened to be the glorious Cheetah who, in stark contrast, was far more business like as she quietly loosened up in her own corner ahead of the match.

Bitch Cassidy seemed desperate to make a big statement and earn an impressive win and she came out all guns blazing both physically and verbally, looking for an advantage early on.

And her tactics certainly seemed to work as she got on top of her Eastern European enemy and dominated her in the early proceedings.

On paper, this looked for the world like it would be an even contest but Bitch Cassidy was keen to rip up that paper and produce an altogether different outcome in reality.

Cheetah is no punchbag though and there was no way she was ever just going to roll over and be completely dominated by her arrogant rival.