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Bitch Cassidy vs Autumn Rose

If there is one thing Bitch Cassidy doesn’t lack then it is confidence. As she does ahead of all her Shiny Pro Ring Girls matches, she bounces around with a cocky smile on her beautiful face ready for action.

But standing across her in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain is an unimpressed powerful rival in the shape of gorgeous Autumn Rose who immediately dismisses the “pink Power Ranger” that is squaring up to her.

Bitch Cassidy is not deterred though and immediately goes on the attack, trying to take Autumn Rose down with a tackle - only to find a clubbing right forearm smashing her down to the canvass!

If she didn’t know already, Bitch Cassidy soon realises Autumn Rose is not messing as she continues to the brutal attacks on the pink Power Ranger.

But Bitch Cassidy can back up her confidence with action and she is soon fighting fire with fire with gut and back blows which floor Autumn Rose. We have a delicious fight on our hands, that’s for sure!

They are soon battling all over the ring with verbal taunts being thrown along the way as both ladies show they will do anything to get a victory under their belts.

We see kicks to the belly, impressive take downs, ropes used to devastating effect, hair pulling, scissor holds, knees and kicks, arm bars and combination holds which certainly leave their mark on the ladies.

The intensity ramps up as they go all out and neither of these proud fighters wants to lose as the match wears on.

There is exciting, back and forth action as both Bitch Cassidy and Autumn Rose put on a display of great grappling as well as brutal brawling.

Eventually, there is a winner in this outstanding contest but it takes a humungous effort for her to finally put away her rival!

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