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Bing Ling vs London - custom

New girl Bing Ling is certainly not lacking in confidence! Before she’s even stepped into Monica’s Ring of Pain, she is confidently predicting how she’s easily going to beat her opponent and show her what she’s got.

Her cockiness grows even more when she sees who her opponent for this MMA-style fight is going to be - the smaller but more experienced London!

London is understandably unimpressed with Bing’s big talk prior to this match and she is determined to show the plucky upstart exactly what she has got.

With the scene set, the tension increases further as the two beauties circle each other in the ring ready to fight and show each other what they have got!

They waste little time in getting to it and are soon sizing each other up with their dukes up, looking for openings.

And Bing shows her confidence is not misplaced as she acts first to take down a surprised London. The blonde is feisty and determined but she has little option but to submit when Bing locks in a vicious looking headlock.

But London insists this was pure luck and immediately goes on the attack looking to even the score and show Bing “what real strength feels like”! And sure enough, her brutal attack pays off and this time it’s Bing being forced to tap out as a result of a nasty head lock!

This of course sets the rest of the fight up nicely with both of the ladies know fully aware of what the other is capable of.

They exchange punches as nasty as the trash talk they hurl at each other as their desire to win and humiliate grows by the second.

And there is eventually a winner when the fight wounds up on the canvas with the loser left out cold and embarrassed while the victorious girl celebrates in style.

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