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Bing Ling vs Axel - custom

Two of the brightest and beautiful young stars of session wrestling don the boxing gloves and get into the MWC Ring of Pain for this exciting custom bout!

Both Bing Ling and Axel have certainly made a great impression on the scene in their fairly short careers so far and we were intrigued to find out how that would translate when they were taken out of their comfort zone and asked to box.

Fresh from a knockout victory over London, beautiful Bing Ling is full of confidence and already declaring it “her ring”. Her cocky attitude shines through in the pre-fight interview in which she announces beating gorgeous Axel will be “easy”!

Axel is the sort of girl who believes actions speak louder than words though and just climbs through the ropes ready for the match - no trash talking, no interviews and just a desire to get it on!

With the scene set, the bell rings and the girls tough gloves and size each other up before exchanging tentative jabs to test one another out.

They are evenly matched in size and the early action suggests this is going to be a great battle between the skilled beauties.

But just as the end of the first round approaches, one of the girls gets the other in the corner and works her over brutally. The victim ends up on her butt but is saved by the bell!

However, she cannot stop the onslaught in the next round and ends up on the canvas once more - her dominant rival growing in confidence with each devastating punch she lands.

By the final round, it is a one-sided slaughter with one girl even begging for mercy as the punches rain in on her before the final knockout blow!

The winner is of course delighted and enjoys her post fight interview! Download to see who won!

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