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Bianca Blance vs Zoe Page

Exquisite Italian Bianca seemed determined to find herself fresh meat to chew and her eyes lit up when she found herself facing the beautiful Zoe Page.

Given her experience and size advantage, it was perhaps inevitable that Bianca would lick her lips in anticipation when they faced off in the MWC Mats of Doom Room.

But while she might be a model with a sweet smile, Zoe is one feisty fighter and she never just rolls over meekly for anyone!

As anticipated, it was Bianca who came darting out the starting blocks and went for Zoe and the English rose found herself having to endure painful body scissors and pins.

Endure them she did though and the brave Miss Page took her medicine and did her utmost to fight back and enjoyed some success with a grapevine pin of her own.

And if Bianca had thought it was going to be a walk in the park, a guillotine executed by Zoe underlined the fact that it would not be easy in the slightest.

Bianca does have a lot more competitive grappling experience though so she certainly called on that as the match progressed and a body scissor and head lock combination certainly had the desired effect.

But Zoe just would not go quietly and she gave as good as she got, making Bianca wince and suffer and submit in her own body scissor and head lock combination!

And the girls kept on punishing each other! Reverse head scissors, face sits, body scissors, pins, even foot torture - nothing was off limits as they went in pursuit of victory.

Bianca and Zoe showed their pride as well as their ability as they battled, mostly with contorted looks of pain and determination on their pretty faces.

By the end, there was a delighted winner who celebrated in style - much to the frustration of her beaten foe!

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