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Bianca Blance vs Rosie - Custom oil

It was exciting enough to get two utterly beautiful and talented girls like Bianca Blance and Rosie to hook up in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

But to see them covered in oil and ready to slip and slide around the canvas with each other only served to send the excitement levels through the roof!

They ensured their gorgeous bodies were glistening as they poured the oil all over and rubbed it in to make sure they were fully prepared for the oil wrestling contest they were about to engage in!

Italian babe Bianca has a lot more wrestling experience behind her but ravishing English rose Rosie is improving all the time and the oil proved to be a great leveller too as they were slipping and sliding, writhing around the canvas with each other.

And when it looked as if they were drying up, help came from outside the ring as oil was squirted over their battling bodies and they were soon shiny once again!

Both Rosie and Bianca were clearly enjoying displaying their sensual wrestling side as they battled all over the ring.

We saw body scissors, head scissors, a variety of pins, leg locks and combination holds which were executed despite the oil making it harder for them to be locked on!

The action was as red hot as the two ladies themselves and got more and more exciting as the contest wore on.

And through it all, they both ensured they were well oiled and covered in the sticky stuff throughout the entire match which only added to the thrilling spectacle we were enjoying.

Neither Bianca or Rosie seemed to want this contest to end and we were certainly in agreement there as they cooked up an absolute treat with his enticing encounter! This is one not to be missed!

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