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Bianca Blance vs Rosie

Nothing sets the pulses racing quicker than when two talented and extremely beautiful ladies square up to take each other on at Monica’s Wrestling Centre.

And neither brunette Italian star Bianca and blonde English rose Rosie are lacking in confidence either as they proudly flex their muscles on the mats indicating to each other that they are ready for this contest.

Rosie has come on in leaps and bounds at a fast pace but Bianca has a hell of a lot of experience and she immediately shows the blonde she has the skills to match by taking her down and trapping her in an early grapevine pin!

A crushing body scissor bring Bianca the first submission of the contest and, if she didn’t already know it, Rosie is given a clear indication that she is in a seriously tough battle and will need to dig deeper than ever to score an impressive victory.

The speed and determination of Bianca threatens to overwhelm Rosie as the Italian looks to asset her domination over her younger rival.