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Bianca Blance vs Eva Ray

We love a match of contrasts and this pitted brunette against red head and Western Europe against Eastern Europe in the MWC Mats of Doom room.

It also saw the experienced talent of Bianca take on the rising star that is Eva Ray, which just added to the excitement of the pairing.

There is no doubt that stunning Eva Ray is already a fan favourite for her gutsy, exceptional displays so far at Monica’s Wrestling Centre but she was going to have to be on top of her game to defeat the brilliant beauty that is Bianca.

But Bianca seemed to be in a truly unforgiving mood and it was almost as if she sniffed fresh meat when she attacked Eva Ray from the very start, trapping her between her strong legs and grabbing her by the throat while throwing taunts at her rival!

The Italian was quick and relentless, applying move after move while Eva Ray struggled, squirmed and shrieked while on the receiving end of all this pressure.

The inevitable first submission came as Bianca applied a Boston Crab and cranked up the pressure, forcing poor Eva into a desperate tap out.

The Lithuanian was well and truly under the cosh now and Bianca was not about to show her any mercy as she continued with her non-stop attacks that saw her use breast smothers, body scissors, head locks, grapevine pins and a dazzling number of other moves that saw Eva twisted up like a pretzel.

Eva continued to try to fight back and gave Bianca a lot to think about along the way but the Italian was enjoying herself too much, judging by the trash talk she threw her victim’s way!

This was an incredibly dominant performance by Bianca who even gave poor Eva an ominous warning for the next time they meet…

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