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Beth Bennett vs Zoe Page

Temperatures were sent soaring at Monica’s Wrestling Centre when we paired the extremely easy-on-the-eye ladies Beth Bennett and Zoe Page against one another.

As well as their immense beauty, the brilliant thing about these two is that they have the skills and love to use them in wrestling matches!

And it was obvious they were keen to show them off to each other when they squared off on the MWC mats, forgoing the polite handshakes and immediately getting the fight on!

Within seconds they were rolling around on the mats, battling hard trying to gain the upper hand on each other in an exciting clash.

Both ladies are beautiful models and look sweet but there is a genuine competitive streak in them and they are both very strong and have plenty of wrestling talent to call upon.

As we suspected, the action was back and forth between the two and within minutes they had each earned a submission each, making it clear they were not just here to make up the numbers and look pretty for the camera.

Both Beth and Zoe got each other in an array of painful moves including body scissors, head locks, guillotines, breast smothers and often a combination of many of these moves.

And they showed they are tough and have plenty of grit and determination - never easily giving in and only reluctantly conceding points to one another.

It was a titanic tussle and it was hard to predict which one of them was going to come out on top.

They left everything on the mats and neither Beth or Zoe were going to go home wondering if they’ve done all they can to secure victory!

One of them finally did manage to secure the win though, much to the disappointment of the salient runner-up! A scorching hot contest!

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