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Beth Bennett vs Veronica Venom

Who doesn’t love a battle of beautiful blondes, especially when they are as powerful and talented as Beth Bennett and Veronica Venom. They were meeting in Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain for the first time in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls clash and they most certainly didn’t disappoint in this thrilling encounter. It all started off quite pleasantly, when they were both all smiles and even shook hands before the contest started. But it became blatantly obvious that this was just a false front and in reality there was no genuine pleasantries between them at all - Beth and Venom wanted to win and they were prepared to do everything in and out of the rules to get that victory! They showed off their strength to each other in the early exchanges, swapping bearhugs, head locks and school girl pins with the odd gut punch, elbow drop and boot between the legs thrown in for good measure.

And they proved they were not averse to some nasty trash talking either - the chat from both Beth and Venom seemed to be as relentless as the pain. Even when one of them was under attack and on the defensive, she would show her mettle and battle her way free. And when it looked like one of these was taking control, she soon found herself back to square one as her determined and stubborn rival proved to be up to the challenge being presented to her. The false pleasantries at the beginning were soon a distant memory as things got nastier with more underhand moves such as hairpulling and punching having the desired impact. Neither Beth nor Veronica wanted to lose this and they got more and more desperate as we inched closer to the end. Indeed, there was a winner - who left the loser very frustrated!

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