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Beth Bennett vs Supernova

Well, a match between two curvy strong and talented beauties in the Monica’s Wrestling Centre Ring of Pain was never going to disappoint was it?

Beautiful Beth Bennett and exquisite Supernova meet in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls battle and it was obvious both of these powerhouses were excited and looking forward to getting it on before the first bell had even rung.

Supernova had the size advantage but she soon discovered that Beth is strong and more than capable of holding her own against anyone and it wasn’t long before the pair were going back and forth across the canvas.

They are both proud warriors and despite the polite pleasantries at the beginning of the match, it was clear both of them were there to win at all costs.

The wrestling moves are on point and the brutality is ramped up with each passing minute as they search the winning pin fall to get a great victory under their belts.

Both Beth and Supernova dish it out good and the arena is filled with their moans and groans as they try to absorb the punishment that they are both having to take as the match wears on.

They get each other in camel cluthces, body scissors, head locks, arm bars, knees to the belly, kicks, schoolgirl pins, grapevine pins, flying elbows and heads being slammed into the canvas!

The closer they get to the end, the more the brutality is ramped up - these beauties are not playing around and the only thing they have on their mind is winning!

It’s a hard fought, close encounter which goes back and forth making it near impossible to predict who will emerge victorious!

And boy is the winner delighted - and the loser devastated! - when she finally comes out on top at the end!

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