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Beth Bennett vs Ruby Lix

Standing at a diminutive 4’10”, Ruby Lix is probably always going to find herself facing bigger opponents when she steps inside Monica’s Wrestling Centre’s Ring of Pain.

But what she lacks in height, she makes up for in heart and she shows plenty of it when she takes on the imposing Beth Bennett in this Shiny Pro Ring Girls encounter.

Beautiful Beth oozes confidence without saying a word and you can see she fancies her chances when she walks up to lovely Ruby clearly ready to bring it on and get this show on the road.

Ruby is not intimidated though and shows great skills to first get her in a crushing head lock and then to follow that up with an impressive reverse bear hug. If Beth thought she was going to find this one easy, she was immediately set straight!

However, Beth isn’t the sort of girl who just rolls over for any opponent and she soon found her stride after starting off on the back foot. After pushing Ruby up against the corner turnbuckle, she “treated” her opponent to a stink face!

Despite this though, Ruby kept coming back at her with impressive arm locks and ankle locks clearly having an impact judging on the screams of pain coming from Beth.

It became back and forth with both enjoying some excellent attacking moves that paid dividends and left the other reeling in agony.

As the match wore on, one of the ladies started to get a clear upper hand on the other and she was certainly enjoying herself as she wrestled her way to an impressive win.

The victory pose at the end told you how much of a satisfying and well earned victory it was!

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