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Beth Bennett vs Rosie Gia

Blonde bombshell Rosie Gia is yet another glorious addition to the MWC ranks who is already turning heads and making a name for herself.

Not only is she gorgeous but she is keen to get her teeth into her rivals and get fighting on the MWC mats!

Which is just as well really because she was certainly going to get a fight from the immense talented beauty that is Beth Bennett!

They wasted no time in getting to grips with one another in this contest and the super strong Beth immediately displayed the power she possesses by taking down her foe and executing a body scissor on her.

But if Beth thought she was going to get it all her own way, she was given a rude awakening when Rosie turned the tables on her to pin her to the mats!

It was a quick and explosive start from both beauties and a fine indication of the battle that was going to unfold.

There were bear hugs, leg scissors, ankle locks, school girl pins, body scissors and combination holds that certainly came with a lot of pain attached.

But there was also a lot of grit and determination - these girls don’t just tap out at the first sign of distress, that’s for sure, and the submissions that came were well earned!

Beth had a size advantage over her rival but ravishing Rosie certainly didn’t seem fazed by that at any point and she kept on coming and kept on fighting.

Eventually one of the girls does take control, but not without more effort, as her rival continues to fight hard to turn things around!

The winner is certainly delighted with her hard-fought victory but both Beth and Rosie deserve all the plaudits for their part in this brilliant battle.

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